Monday, April 21, 2008

Featured at Florida Craftsmen!!!

Hi everyone,

This past saturday was really rough- I had a confrontation with a fellow artist at the Saturday Art Market who accused me of taking his spot (had no idea), then the first person to come to my display called my work "boring", "static", and declared that I "must not be able to make a living from this" and "the only people who would ever buy them would have to really like traditional stuff". Yeah, my work is SO traditional. If by traditional she means a traditional art form, then yes, papercutting is old... but so is painting...and sculpture, and drawing, and and and. My work is nothing like traditional papercutting! Anyway, the final straw was that half my display blew over breaking one piece (not damaging the papercut fortunately) and doing some nasty damage to my largest and most expensive piece's frame (which the display fell on). Going to need to replace both frames, but at least the cuttings survived and the nice UV protection glass on the large lighthouse piece remained intact. I called it quits for the day an hour into the show because I just didn't want to put up with it any more. I mean, that all happed in two hours, what else could happen?

I went to the Craftsmen Gallery, where my work was supposed to be hung by then, and to my surprise and delight after the rough morning, all four pieces were up and actually very prominently placed behind the register in the center of the gallery. I actually saw my pieces when I first entered the place and thought "oh, look they put up new stuff behind the register" before it really hit me that they were mostly my work:).

I took a REALLY crappy picture with my cell phone. The woman on the left (standing in front of my piece Iris) was really nice and is the assistant manager or something for the gallery. There is a huge glare, but the other three pieces are Brooklyn Bridge, Segrada Familia, and Chrysler. The place looks really empty in the photo, but there are tons of amazing pieces there (see photo Jen posted below).


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your work is fabulous. I love paper cut art. I tried it once in a high school art class and I was quite embarassed when the ambulance arrived. At the hospital they were able to save my finger... true story. Alas, the end of my X-acto passion.

High Desert Diva said...

After such a discouraging morning...a nice treat to have your work so prominently displayed.

Static is most definitely not a word I would use to describe your amazing paper cuts.

cindy mindy pindy said...

Yeah, no kidding. That lady is on crack. Your work isn't traditional. You should have told her to step off or you'd cut her. I'm hoping to get into an art market this year, hopefully I won't have to scrap with any Salt Lakers.

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

I'm glad there was a happy end to that story!
I think your work is great and have had your 'Arts and Crafts I' hearted for a while.