Saturday, May 31, 2008

New store (?)

We're thinking about opening a new online store that would feature home furnishing type products designed with papercutting in mind. Pretty sure that this should be sold in a different place than the wall art Joe currently makes in order to give each a consistent "feel." But of course, they would still be sold on

The new items we'd make could include
-screen printed pillows
-acrylic laser cut table-top sculptures
-cardstock/acrylic mobiles
-adhesive vinyl wall art

They would probably be in solid bold colors, not only Joe's signature black and white. I think it'll be fun to do sleek and contemporary peices, and also to have some more tangible products that people can engage with. Joe's really going to enjoy learning to make silk screens and cut vinyl.
These are two sketches of potential acrylic/paper 3D table-top sculptures that Joe has designed. The designs would each be cut out several times and set up to fan around their centerline, creating a 3D version.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inspiration: Wycinanki

I wanted to give an example of the international papercutting styles which inspire Joe's work. The Polish style of papercutting, Wycinanki, is a traditional folk art using hand cut paper layered to create vibrant and often colorful images. The first two images here are done by traditional Polish Papercutters, the last two are original pieces Joe created that were inspired by the traditional Polish style.Traditionally, these pieces were cut with sheep shears and often depict motifs such as roosters and floral patterns. The designs are often circular and were prominently displayed on furniture, in windows, or on barns.

Joe's interpretation of this traditional Polish style uses motifs inspired by the arts and crafts movement. He also use a circular design, and has experimented with layered colored paper. The following piece, Artichoke, is available hereThis modern American interpretation is still reminiscent of the Polish Wycinanki, but the use of different motifs and color palettes identifies it as a unique tradition. His interpretation featured below, depicts peacocks and is available here

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Custom Wedding and Anniversary Papercutting

Okay, June is wedding BONANZA month (we should know) so I wanted to make something for all of us crazy people who decide to join the masses (and pick a warm month) for the BIG DAY.

Ever notice I use parenthecies a lot?

Anyway, I have listed on etsy a new custom piece where I will design a special piece to celebrate your wedding. The piece will use either a traditional background (similar to Scherenschnitte or Wycinanki papercutting designs) or a sillhouette, or even an image of your wedding location (Note the bridge from the Public Garden in Boston where Jen and I got married last year). I will also incorporate your names, anniversary date, or a combination of two, or not---whatever you want, it's a custom piece!!!
ALSO, did you know that the your first anniversary is the "Paper" anniversary? Well, custom original hand-cut papercuts make a beautiful, heart-felt, original artwork gift that you know nobody has seen before or thought of themselves. Let everyone know!
We're designing a large piece for our first aniversary:) It's going to be awsome and I'll share it and all the symbolism behind it with y'all when it's done.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Save a tree:)

Hi everyone,

I'm starting a program to help rectify some guilt I'm experiencing using so much paper. As of today and for all future sales, I will be donating $5 for every purchase over $50 and $10 for every purchase over $150 to the Arbor Foundation.

For every $10 donated, 2500 square feet of rainforest will be protected.

To purchase a piece, go to


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alchemy is the greatest

So at Etsy, there is this thing called "alchemy" where people post something like "I need an entire living room set made out of crayons" budget=$40 and people actually do it!

It's great fun really.

Anyway, there has been a bunch of posts recently for everything under the sun, but Ive been having soooo much fun reading through them and bidding on stuff. Papercutting is a pretty specific artform, and not too many people are like "Can I have a custom papercut for..." but some actually have! For the most part, I've had pretty good luck with my bids and many great leads.

Regardless, it's fun to put the sales person hat on for a few seconds and really try to sell my goods and talents to someone. It also helps when I'm in a rut and don't know what to make, I can have someone else make the hard decisions for me.

I just bid on a custom monogram for a wedding so cross your fingers everyone! I'll keep you updated


Friday, May 16, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright

This week we had a chance to visit the Southern Florida College campus in Lakeland, FL which features 12 buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He's most well known for his organic style of architecture which started the Prairie School of architecture.
Here we both are posing in front of one of his buildings and the newly renovated fountain (which they just turned off for the night! We missed it!!)

Just walking around it was hard to mistake which one's were designed by Wright- the unique style stands right out! These photos we took are a few examples of his genius and inspiration for thousands of artists.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Schedule

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, Jen and I are both professional archaeologist. We recently began working at an archaeological firm conducting surveys in areas where construction may disturb important archaeological and historic sites here in Florida. We started this Monday and boy was it a hot one!!! It's already in the 90's down here and we were usually in a cow field without any shade.

Anyway, just for proof (and because I think it's a really great shot of Jen) here's a photo of one of the biggest finds, a core used to make stone tools. We don't know really how old it is, but it is at least 400 years old and may be many thousands more. We really needed more artifacts to really get the date nailed down, but it was just a minor survey and didn't require major excavation yet.

In papercutting news, because of the new schedule, I will be making all shipments of pieces and products on the saturday after you purchase them. That is, if you buy something on Monday, it will be mailed the following Saturday. If you purchase something on Friday, It will be sent the next day. We live in hotels during the week so I will not be able to pack and ship anything until we get home on Friday nights, and everything will be shipped the next morning (Saturday).


Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hey guys, there's a huge sale going on at are shop right now, so if you've always been thinking about getting that one piece, now is a good time!

20% off many of the originals
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Friday, May 2, 2008

Introducing: Cypress


10x20 papercut
18x24 matted

A massive cypress tree located in a park near my apartment

Introducing: Peacocks



Inspired by an 1899 Alexander Fisher Sconce

Introducing: Lanterns

4x6 papercut
8x10 matted

A view of the amazing lanterns outside the Boston Public Library