Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buy Local!

With Joe recovering (but still working!) it's time to regroup and plan some more. We've been working hard to juggle the dozens of custom orders that have been flying in and are finally almost all caught up.

We're going to stop taking as many custom orders in the next week or two and focus instead on revamping the stock of readily available pieces. We've done a few photo shoots in the beautiful state of Maine (great to be back!) and Joe will be working on starting several new designs inspired by the coast/sea, Portland architecture, and the inland plants and trees.
We'd really like to appeal to the local art scene which is sooo vibrant in Joe's home town of South Portland. Practically every car supports a "buy local" sticker, and art is always one of the most popular local buys!

Also, keep a look out for a new PapercutsByJoe business card design and new business-card-like fridge magnets. Tons of things going on!


SuzeesJubileeZ said...

Hi Joe welcome to the Maine team. great blog.Please check out my contest on my blog!

MaryAnn said...

Great stuff! Miss Portland some of the time with its Huge population, well huge in comparison to Skowhegan/Norridgewock. Love the papercuts though!r2159