Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Ornaments!

I am happy to announce that I have finished designing my line of Christmas ornaments. This year, I have designed three pieces, which I will create a limited edition of 17 ornaments for each. I hope to make a series of ornament each year, this being the first.

Each papercutting is hand cut from a sheet of white card stock and adhered to a colored background (Reindeer-red, Sleigh-blue, and Pine-green). They are then initialed and dated on the front, and fully signed and numbered (x of 17) on the back. The frames are painted a beautiful shiny silver with a hand-tied silver and white ribbon hanger.Each ornament frame measures 3x3" with 2.5" papercutting inside. They are $20 each with $5 priority shipping. You receive the papercut, ornament frame, thank you note, and beautiful keepsake box (with hand-tied bow!).

I have created a new web page on my site for the ornaments with a bunch of photos:

Just to toot my own horn, I'm pretty darn proud of the bow I tied in the box photo. Just wanted to share that.


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Mayhem said...

That is a fabulous looking should be proud :)