Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Website Design

I do these too often, but I'm really happy with the new design. It's streamlined, less messy, same content, and lots of fun surprises.

I condensed all the pieces into two major categories (Architecture and Nature) with 15 thumbnails for each.

I also am going to be directing people to my etsy page much more since there's no reason to reinvent the wheel when I have a successful shop already.

Overall I condensed the site from about 15 pages to about four.

I also put in some measures to make sure people can still see the site even if the don't have flash. iphone and itouch do not currently support flash, so when they visit, they will be redirected to a flash-less homepage.

I also am in love with Java especially Lightbox, which does those fun effects when you click on a thumbnail.

Let me know if you find any glaring problems


Let me know what you think:

Here's a screen grab:


ArtSnark said...

Looks good at a glance, Joe. I've added a papercuts button to my blog sidebar if that is ok

Fred said...

I like the fast load times on images, text on main page a little small. All in all it looks great, the site presents your art very clearly.

karim said...

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e-Definers Technology - Web Design Company said...
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william xaviers said...

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Frida Stanton said...

I think what you’ve done with your website is superb. Because of the nature of your art, it’s good that you contrasted it with a simple layout. A single color and no print is definitely the best way to emphasize your works. This is a really good example of teamwork between content and design – the two elements that make a website effective.

Shelly Sharp said...

I went to your main site and I must say it’s cool! Your works are good as well. But I guess you should try to add some pages so that the viewers can stay longer on your site. It’s not enough to have just a beautiful design; you should at least have a relevant content. Viewers tend to go away if they don’t get any substance from a site.

Shelly @AlignedRightMedia.com

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