Saturday, October 10, 2009

Slow week!

Hi everyone,

I've been hearing the buzz around Etsy that everyone's sales are starting to pick up. Wish that was the same here! Last month was great, and I ended up sending out TWELVE pieces this Monday and Tuesday! But...only one new customer in a week. Strange how that happens!

Regardless, it's given me tons of time to get little projects done like start applying to grad school, apply for a second job (winter is rough for papercutting if I follow last years trends)

I got my new computer yesterday! I've called it the Beast. Dont get me wrong, the processor is pretty ho-hum but still a huge upgrade from what I had. Apparently if you run a busy business 99% online/on the computer and your six-year-old laptop freezes everytime you open photoshop and gmail at the same time, it's time for an upgrade. The Monitor is the only thing I really splurged on as it makes doing several things at a time very helpful. I split the screen in half and do one thing on the left side, and another on the right. It's like having an employee!

Other than that I've done some geneology stuff, cleaned up my etsy shop a bit, and started Twittering!
Oh, and check out my etsy page, I've uploaded seven new items!

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ArtSnark said...

shops looking great, Joe. Congrats on the new computer.

If I have P.Elements & firefox open something always crashes, so I hear you