Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As Seen on TV

So Saturday was my big TV debut. Well, my artwork debuted on tv, not me, but it's better looking anyway.

I was contacted at the end of January by Lindsay Roberts, an Advertising Assistant for Good Housekeeping Magazine and blogger, who writes the blog Gift Giving With Love

I made a custom silhouette for her parent's anniversary based on an old photo from their wedding.

She regularly makes appearances on Fox News in Detroit to show great gift giving ideas, and this Valentine's Day she showed the silhouette I made for her and her parents. Very exciting! The video is below (I'm about 3:30 into it)

Lindsay did a phenomenal job on the presentation, I can't imagine staying composed on TV! Thanks so much Lindsay for finding me and showing my work!

Go check out her great blog, if you haven't already: Gift Giving With Love


Lindsay Roberts said...

It was so great working with you! I have a friend's wedding coming up soon - I think I am going to purchase one your designs. They really are so creative and wonderful.


Krissy said...

Joe, that's so amazing! You deserve it- you talented guy...

We get so many compliments on our Sheldon piece. It's such a treasure.

Kim said...

I saw your work via allthingspaper and WOW! your work is amazing!! Good for you - I can't wait to see more!