Thursday, February 24, 2011

Craftboston Preview

Hi everyone,

I just finished the last of the nine piece I have created specifically for Craftboston, March 25-27

I thought I would show you all some photos of the unmounted pieces just before I mounted and framed them. I will be showing these and many more photos as a slide show running on my laptop during the show.

If you would like to see the pieces in-full, join my facebook page here: I've posted photos of all nine pieces in their entirety.


Julia said...



Your work is totally awesome and I bow down to your expertise Joe.

Rachel H said...

Holy smokes Joe, those are intricate. Your work is so creatively precise.

Julia E said...

I just discovered your website and then your blog after seeing you listed on the lectures for CraftBoston. WOW! Now I'm sad that I won't be attending because I would love to see your work in person. The detail is phenomenal.

gracie said...

i saw your stuff on etsy when it hit the front page today! your work is incredible!