Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Commission Finished

Joe just finished this funky commission of the Louvre for one of his coworkers. I think she is planning on hanging it in her new home office. Measuring a weighty 20x16" this is one of the larger pieces Joe has made, and I would say it is also the single most complicated. Good thing it wasn't raining when he brought it in today!

This is a really cool piece to add to his portfolio, and hopefully it will encourage others to ask for commissioned pieces too!


Anonymous said...

I love the cut. It is amazing in details !!!

fiddle said...

Great job Details are amazing !!

Ginette Callaway said...

I came across your work on ETSY where I am also a seller Ginette Creations. I made an entry in my blog today mentioning your work. I think you are very good in this art form of Scherenschnitte. I know how difficult this art from is and I admire anyone who can do as good as a job as you do. My compliments.
Here is my blog address

Jen said...

Thank you all for the amazing feedback!

Ginette, thank you for mentioning us in your blog- that was very thoughtful

High Desert Diva said...

This is absolutely stunning!