Saturday, March 1, 2008

How I became a papercutter

I created my first papercut about 10 years ago in a summer program that included an arts section. Our instructor showed us some really simple basic designs. I didn’t do another papercut until my mother, who had a daycare, brought home a book on papercutting and I started copying the designs in it. Several years later, in college, I found a few designs of prehistoric Mimbres pottery from Arizona that would make great designs. I made three papercuts based on Mimbres pottery (two of which are still available). I then created designs from other ancient cultures (I have a degree in archaeology) including the two Mayan designs seen on the website.

Eventually I found out how to create designs from photographs and created the large papercutting of Portland Headlight, which took about a year to complete. After that was done, I realized I could do any type of design I wanted to and have since been persuing various styles and design ideas. The results you can see here, on the website, and Etsy.

That’s my story:)

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