Saturday, May 31, 2008

New store (?)

We're thinking about opening a new online store that would feature home furnishing type products designed with papercutting in mind. Pretty sure that this should be sold in a different place than the wall art Joe currently makes in order to give each a consistent "feel." But of course, they would still be sold on

The new items we'd make could include
-screen printed pillows
-acrylic laser cut table-top sculptures
-cardstock/acrylic mobiles
-adhesive vinyl wall art

They would probably be in solid bold colors, not only Joe's signature black and white. I think it'll be fun to do sleek and contemporary peices, and also to have some more tangible products that people can engage with. Joe's really going to enjoy learning to make silk screens and cut vinyl.
These are two sketches of potential acrylic/paper 3D table-top sculptures that Joe has designed. The designs would each be cut out several times and set up to fan around their centerline, creating a 3D version.


esque said...

That's a very interesting idea! I would definitely be interested in anything screen-printed that you make! How bout some screen-printed fabric for us sewing fans?


Victoria said...

Looks like a winner of an idea!

Anonymous said...

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