Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Custom Wedding and Anniversary Papercutting

Okay, June is wedding BONANZA month (we should know) so I wanted to make something for all of us crazy people who decide to join the masses (and pick a warm month) for the BIG DAY.

Ever notice I use parenthecies a lot?

Anyway, I have listed on etsy a new custom piece where I will design a special piece to celebrate your wedding. The piece will use either a traditional background (similar to Scherenschnitte or Wycinanki papercutting designs) or a sillhouette, or even an image of your wedding location (Note the bridge from the Public Garden in Boston where Jen and I got married last year). I will also incorporate your names, anniversary date, or a combination of two, or not---whatever you want, it's a custom piece!!!
ALSO, did you know that the your first anniversary is the "Paper" anniversary? Well, custom original hand-cut papercuts make a beautiful, heart-felt, original artwork gift that you know nobody has seen before or thought of themselves. Let everyone know!
We're designing a large piece for our first aniversary:) It's going to be awsome and I'll share it and all the symbolism behind it with y'all when it's done.


BlossomingTree said...

That would be a very special gift. Your work is amazing.

Cicada Studio said...

This is a great idea! (market the heck out of it!)

Would also make a lovely engagement gift.