Saturday, June 7, 2008

Paper Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally a gift made of paper. Well, our own one year wedding anniversary is June 16 so Joe has designed a completely awesome papercutting for it. He's working on it as we speak, actually. We were married in the Boston Public Garden and the design is branches of the tree we got married under. The frame size is 34" wide and 18" high, so it will take up a large piece of our wall, and we're going to hang it in our bedroom has the "headboard" to our bed. It's looking beautiful- I'm so excited! Will post a picture when it's finished!
Here's a picture of us last year under that big beautiful tree. My older brother is the one in the center performing the ceremony. This photo was taken by the best wedding photographer ever, Rachel Hadiashar at Merge Weddings.


Karma by Morgan said...

aww that is a wonderful photo! The paper gift sounds beautiful. I hope you post it once it is completed:)

Annabelle said...

That's great - congrats.

It's so nice to have someone in the family perform your ceremony.

Here's to many more!