Sunday, July 13, 2008

Custom Custom Custom!

It's been awhile since we've updated, but the since we've been gone the name of the game has been CUSTOM. Joe's been working like mad to fill requests for custom papercuttings- making them look just right for whatever occasion is needed. We've been out of town for work, but Joe brings a travel pack of papercutting supplies and works nights in our hotel room. Dedicated!

To help bolster this new focus on custom work, we've hired a professional web designer (in Brazil!) to create a fun and funky webpage especially targeted at custom work. Please check out the new webpage and let us know what you think!

A new product/service Joe is adding is a custom sillhouette portrait for only $15 (!!) and a custom pet portrait for only $20 (!!). These inexpensive pieces will look like a million bucks when framed on your wall. Of course they are great gifts, but they are also truly thoughtful heirloom pieces. Joe just needs a picture to work with and you'll have your very own custom piece in the mail.

Examples on the left include a portrait of me (Jen), a self portrait of the artist (Joe), and a custom portrait of the new Bagley dog (McGreggor).

Let us know if you have any great ideas for custom pieces that you'd love to see Joe make!


The Vineyard Painter said...

I love seeing a dog silhouette portrait!

Becca Nelson said...

I found your blog through the etsy forums. Wow! Love your stuff. Great shop and great blog!

Unknown said...

Adoraria se fosse feita a silhueta de uma paisagem.