Monday, July 21, 2008

Vinyl car decal!

So now if you see a mazda 626 driving around somewhere between Florida and Maine with my website on the window, you know who it is:) Thanks again to fleanine at etsy ( for the custom vinyl decal. If you need anything for your car GO TO HER. She was the best and gave me tons of scraps to play with too!


fleanine said...

Hey Joe, fleanine here... thanks for the props on your blog.
Did you ever do that project with the vinyl scraps? I'm curious to see how it worked for you. I still laugh at the duck in the pic of your car!

And just FYI...also not to propagate the idea, but I am of the male gender, which I guess you wouldn't have known...

Thanks again!


(yes, like sesame street)

Stefani said...

Ohh - excellent! I've been thinking of getting something for my car in the way of advertising my business. This looks perfect - and to buy from a fellow Etsian is the icing on the cake.

Thanks Joe!