Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introducing: Make

16x28 mounted to 20x30
Single Sheet of Black Paper

Inspired by my previous work, I, I have continued experimenting with texture and scale with this papercutting of my left hand. I was sitting at my desk working on some custom pieces when I noticed my hands were extremely dry. When I looked at them up close, the sun was coming in through the window behind me at the perfect angle. I could see all the wrinkles and grooves in my palm and I wondered if I could capture it with a papercut. This is the result of a very long design process. I really fought for this one! I'm very happy with the outcome and I really love the bold graphic in-your-face quality, but it also has a tranquil side...somehow. Hope you like!


ArtSnark said...

WOW - Amazing, Joe!

Harvey E. Parker said...

Incredible, beautiful, beyond words!

Mr Lee said...

Good idea!Your work is beautiful and amazing.Hope your all doing well!Welcome to our blog

Shaina said...

Joe - AMAZING stuff! Every moment you put into this was well worth the result! I can only imagine what it looks like in person. Fantastic!

John Speight said...

I love this hand. Great idea and so well done!

Nan said...

Stunning. Hands across the world salute you! ;^D

Okay, my curious mind can't take it any more. How did you get your copy so large? Did you hand draw it?

Do you remove each tiny piece of copy from the back of the black paper?

Mind boggling.