Monday, July 6, 2009

Accepted! Boston Ahts festival 2009


Just got a weird letter in the mail from the city of Boston (parking ticket?). No, it's an acceptance letter from the Mayor for the 2009 Boston Arts Festival! I applied back in March and pretty much forgot about it. I had a string of rejections lately so this was very nice to hear.

I was one of 60 artists accepted, so I'm damn proud of that alone. I think it didn't hurt that I was in the deadly-competitive paper category (ha ha)

The festival is located between the North End, Quincy Market, and the Aquarium in Downtown Boston, so TONS of people will be walking by. Last year, they said 50,000 people attended!

Blue Man Group, the Boston Pops, the Boston Ballet, the Opera, etc. have performed so there should continue to be a big turnout. Here's the official website:

I would love to see some of you if you happen to be in the area!


ArtSnark said...

Congrats, Joe - You & your amazing art deserve some recognition!!

John Speight said...

Good one! Always good to hear of papercut artists work being appreciated. Congratulations!

Christine said...

Congrats Joe on all of your accomplishments!! I love your work and happy things are working out for you and your wife in Boston. You are not missing anything in FL or WellCare. Take care Joe! Christine